nique Public School is a resdential and a co- educational school based on CBSE Syllabus with a tradition of providing quality education to all. It is an autonomous institution run under the aegis of trust MOISO (MEMBERS OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OOTY).The members of the governing body are eminent academicians. Their rich experience and a perspective of holistic development in the field of education motivated them to establish an institution with global standards rooted in traditional values.


he school is situated at the most exquisite part of Fernhill overlooking the famous Ooty train track and surrounded by the luxurious sylvan settings of Ootacamund, the Queen of Hills Stations In India.It has avast campus with facilities which are exceptionally good for the all round development of children and maintains very high standard in terms of quality,modernity and discipline.


he school has excellent library facilities in the campus with over 3000 volumes of books, comprising references, prescribed texts and popular fiction. We subscribe over 10 periodicals and magazines. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important center for learning.Its is here that the students learn to become responsible citizens and critical thinkers capable of arriving at independent viewpoints and decisions, uninfluenced by discriminatory and biased doctrines advocated by the detractors of order and peace.

Computer Center

he abundant wealth of knowledge has radically revolutionized the entire fabric of human thought and the structure of social existence brought in by the giant strides made by Cybernetics and information technology.The school has a computer lab.Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them.Working in our computer labs will sharpen one’s analytic skills as one discovers the structures underlying software stretch one’s creative talents as one designs new concepts and give the confidence to sell one’s ideas to a waiting world.To be accurately informed is more important than to be well-informed,as far as young minds are concerned.


he Science Department has been independently equipped with the best of facilities ,durable and safe equipment, adequate working space and most importantly, the opportunity to carry on independent investigation. Be it the microscopic analysis of uni cellular organisms or the study of electromagnetic spectrum or micro-organic analysis, each student is provided with equipment. The unique feature of our laboratories is our uncompromising adherence to safety specifications .Experiments are done strictly in the presence of the teacher and lab. Assistant.


Unique Public School provides holistic education ensuring excellence and providing for the all-round development of student. The environment in the school motivates and inspires students to discover more about the world around them, both in ‘community’ and in a larger, global context. This requires a high degree of self-discipline, which must be instilled at a young age .Unique Public School has instituted a ‘code of conduct’ with clearly defined parameters , which stimulates students to assume a responsible role in the boarding community . This requires them to be sensitive to each others customs and cultural values , which helps foster mutual respect among the students.